Italian Statuary Marble

Statuario marble is another prestigious variety of Italian marble that is also mined from the mountain quarries of Carrara, Italy. Named for its use in creating statues, or "statuari," it has been prized since antiquity for its pure white background and bold, dramatic veining.

In terms of coloring and veining, Statuario marble is distinctive. It has a luminous white background, and the veins, typically grey, can be either compact or feathery. The combination creates a striking contrast that is dramatic yet elegant, making it an excellent choice for statement pieces and focal points in interior design.

Statuario is considered one of the rarest marbles in the world. Because of the limited availability and high demand, it tends to be more expensive than Carrara and Calacatta marble. Its exclusivity and exceptional beauty make it a popular choice for high-end projects and luxury interiors.

Historically, Statuario marble was the choice of masters for creating sculptures. Michelangelo's renowned statue "David" was sculpted from a block of Statuario marble. Its softness allows for intricate detailing, while its uniformity in color brings out the aesthetic appeal of the finished piece.

Ultimately, Statuario marble is more than just a material. It's a piece of history, a work of nature's art, and a symbol of luxury that can transform any space into a vision of elegance and sophistication.