How To Layout French Pattern Tile

Laying out French pattern tile involves using different sizes of tile in a specific arrangement. The French pattern usually includes four sizes: 16"x24", 16"x16", 8"x16", and 8"x8". Here is a basic guide on how to lay out these tiles:

1. **Start from a Corner**: It's usually best to start from a corner of your room and work your way out. This helps in maintaining the pattern consistency across the space.

2. **First Tile (16"x24")**: Place the largest tile (16"x24") so that the corner is right in the corner of the room.

3. **Second Tile (16"x16")**: Next, place a 16"x16" tile adjacent to the long side of the first tile. The edge of the 16"x16" tile should be flush with the corner of the room.

4. **Third Tile (8"x16")**: Place the 8"x16" tile next to the 16"x16" tile, continuing along the same edge of the room.

5. **Fourth Tile (8"x8")**: Place the first 8"x8" tile in the corner created by the 16"x24" and 8"x16" tiles.

6. **Fifth Tile (16"x16")**: Place a 16"x16" tile next to the 8"x8" tile and beneath the first 16"x24" tile. The corners of these three tiles should all meet.

7. **Sixth Tile (8"x8")**: Place the second 8"x8" tile next to the 16"x16" tile you just placed, and beneath the 8"x16" tile.

8. **Seventh Tile (8"x16")**: Continue the pattern by placing an 8"x16" tile beneath the first 16"x24" tile and next to the 16"x16" tile.

9. **Eighth Tile (16"x24")**: Finally, place another 16"x24" tile beneath the first 8"x8" tile and next to the 16"x16" tile.

10. **Repeat**: Continue the pattern from step 2 onward. The pattern should repeat every eight tiles.

Remember, you may need to adjust the pattern at the edges of your room, and you may need to cut tiles to fit. Always dry fit your tiles before applying any adhesive to ensure the pattern works correctly for your space.